A collaboration with Streetwise Opera artists and performers

November 2020

We’ve been working with the team at Streetwise Opera to create a highly collaborative new piece of Opera performance entitled ‘Unseen’. The project was created over the course of eight weeks with planning and workshops with remote collaborators including regular streetwise performers, drawn from their community of people who are homeless or recovering from homelessness. 

The project challenged the group to look deeper at our surroundings and within us in order to find all the art we might be missing. As a starting point, this included music from composers like Undine Smith Moore, Ignatius Sancho and Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges and onwards into many areas where individuals or groups use creativity to express themselves in a visual way either via zoom video or through workshops led by local artsist, Harriet Hall or sent via mail.

Participants in Streetwise Opera’s online sessions created new music and contributed artwork and video to create a visual arts piece working with a team of artists from different disciplines: soprano Abigail Kelly, dramaturg Elayce Ismail, guitarist Jack Ross, composer John Barber, vocal leader Jonathan Ainscough, video and projection designer Nina Dunn and designer Rhiannon Newman Brown.

The culmination of the work was a sculptural installation which incorprated all the unputs using projection mapping. The instalation was filmed and shared among the community and on social media.

Find out more here:

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