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Alice’s Adventures Underground – in the mirror, down the rabbit hole, under the mushroom & up to the moon

Alice's Adventures Underground

Alice’s Adventures Underground –  in the mirror, down the rabbit hole, under the mushroom & up to the moon

In her first collaboration with Theatre makers, Les Enfants Terribles, and working for the second time with West End producer Emma Brünjes, Nina has designed video for the immersive promenade show ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground‘ at The Vaults under Waterloo Station.

The show comprises an inspired and subverted interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s famous book which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year with 33 different installations that make up Wonderland, nearly a third of which of which incorporate video or projection work by Nina and her team.

Nina worked closely with with directors Oliver Lansley and James Seager and designer, Samuel Wyer to come up with the concept and remit for the video used in the show which ranged from stolen glimpses of Alice trapped in mirrors to photos that develop as if by magic; a giant zoetrope and a trippy shadowplay story narrated by the caterpillar in his hookah smoking mushroom lair not to mention a fair few talking moons.

The show has been nominated for an Olivier Awards in the category of Best Entertainment & Family Nina was awarded a Knight of Illumination for her work on the show and the Rabbit Hole installation will tour with the Lumen Prize Exhibition 2015/16 as a shortlisted entry.

The core on-site crew comprised a team of three, lead by video engineers Jon Lyle and Gillian Tan with Matthew Brown working as an associate throughout assisting Nina on both a creative and technical level. XL video provided the video systems and equipment.

Close collaboration with sound and lighting (Mike Gunning) was also key as ever and Tomas Gisby created some fantastic sound design and composition for the show including the track that accompanies the journey down the rabbit hole through the zoetrope.

The show has been extremely well received by audiences and press alike and has been nominated in the 2015 BroadwayWorld UK / West End Awards as Theatrical Event of the Year

Zoetrope: The context

Zoetrope: The content

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